About Material > Nancy Wisti Grayson August 29th - September 19th

Artist Statement:

Wisti Grayson's sculptural paintings act as found mementos that reference art historical memories or reminiscences of place. The images act as a somewhat askew anchor to familiarity. Using the tropes of the artifact, ruin and souvenir, a sense of nostalgia, humor and fragmentation of memory is expressed through abstracted narratives.

The sculptural paintings and wall objects presented in Nancy Wisti Grayson’s solo exhibition: Mementos: Paths that Cross, specifically reference paintings (see footnote below ***) which have surfaced over and over again in Nancy’s memory and experience.

These references are not connected through any traditional art historical category but re-emerge in themes and imagery which are instead connected through the singular body and are housed together in Wisti Grayson’s experience and mind. Wisti Grayson draws on her deep and emotional memory to bring together this fragmented collection of work. During the many months of isolation and pandemic, Nancy traveled to different times and places that exist in the painterly aspects, the stories conveyed, or the evocation of specific emotions that she is deeply familiar with and finds as a place of comfort, recognition and home. The memory is a slippery vehicle, as the objects are incomplete, veiled, transformed and transferred into a relic of contemporary contemplation that eludes and alludes to Wisti Grayson’s magical practice.
-Jean Alexander Frater

*** Henri Rousseau, War
Francisco de Goya, Saturn Devouring His Son
Fight with Cudgels
A Pilgrimage to San Isidro
Witches' Sabbath
The Straw Manikin
Diego Velazquez, Las Meninas