Past Exhibitions > Rana Siegel Slack (The Gallery) September 13 - October 11 2020

Slack (The Gallery)
Documentation of Installation provided by Rana Siegel

Material is located on Belmont Ave., in Chicago, which is a busy street with lots of foot, bike and car traffic. The storefront is lit every night, during the exhibition: September 13 – October 11, 2020.

From the street and sidewalk, the space appears empty. It is only for the careful observer to notice that such attention to detail has occurred. It is strange and compelling, to be surprised like that by an otherwise empty storefront. Lighting the storefront each night was a quiet performance, and another way to allow this work to be experienced.

The precise placement of each strand, including the exactness of the radial curvature can be followed as one line, disrupted only by the tile anchoring it to the floor. Our sense of space shifting back and forth from 2D to 3D, our body becoming the obstruction, unable to penetrate the space, to gain another vantage point.