Past Exhibitions > Shannon Favia Uppercut! March 13th - April 3rd 2022


Upper Cut

March 13 - April 3, 2022

Opening Reception Sunday March 13th, 11 - 2 pm

Sucker Punch
Sucker Punch
Aerosol, acrylic, mixed media on boxing gloves
20 x 6 x 17 in

Chicago artist Shannon Favia presents her new body of work in Uppercut!, a solo exhibition running from March 13th - April 3rd, at Material. A former high school art teacher, Favia’s work has navigated pop, sports, workout culture, and the ethos of empowerment throughout her artistic practice. Favia uses the materials and approaches from these systems, often integrating social media. She regularly produces process videos which are music, art, and cultural assemblages shared on Tik Tok and Instagram. Shannon has participated in painting performances at Bulls’ Games, her work has appeared on the Chicago Bulls’ hats, Wilson Basketballs, hi-top sneakers and featured in the Chicago Cubs’ posters. A sports and health enthusiast; Favia picks up the instruments of these male dominated games and forwardly inserts her point of view: edgy enthusiastic. The strive to better oneself is not tongue and cheek, it is for real – for sure; but it comes with a punch. Favia be-jewels the soft protective gear of the boxing glove, hard-candy is also used to deliver the pop, and gold chains hold up the glove that prominently read EVERLAST. Favia’s work announces itself by mirroring all the complications of sports culture: the competitiveness, the gendered bias, and the dedication and endurance it takes to last.

-Jean Alexander Frater

Shannon’s work is inspired & energized by pop culture, music, street art, fashion & universal truths. She has dubbed her art a “culture collision.” In this specific case the collision is between the savage, competitive, blood sweat & tears world of boxing & the mean aisles of a JoAnn Fabrics Craft store. She loves the challenge & finds humor in playing with the extremes. Shannon’s art integrates simple but powerful messages with the intention of empowering the viewer & increasing happiness.