Past Exhibitions > Rana Siegel Slack (The Gallery) September 13 - October 11 2020

Slack (The Gallery)
Rana Siegel walking among and through her installation Slack (The Gallery), September 13th - October 11th

Image and video documentation by Rana Siegel

Watching Rana’s thoughtful and deliberate steps through this space, is especially remarkable as we compare it to the kind of way we are all navigating space together these days. Trying not to touch, holding back, stepping aside, waiting, pausing and careful with a bit of apprehension and maybe fear.

Instead Rana’s meditative steps are full of care and deliberation, but instead of hesitation it comes from a place of knowing and savoring. The kind of certainty that is born from the maker, the designer who has created the plan which defines the choreography.
Her body is hyper aware of each strand of string, where it is placed and how it falls and slightly curves in uniform. The tiles which anchor each line of string to the ground, are themselves broken. There is a real sense of stability and fragility.